Is your salon struggling to reach it's potential?

Kick Start Your Salon Into Profitdot Is your cash flow keeping you up at night?
dot Is your salon team complacent? – Do they seem unenthusiastic
spacer at a time when all hands need to be on deck!
dot Are you struggling to attract customers?
dot Do all your marketing efforts produce mediocre returns or worse
spacer just fail?

Are you frustrated that ever since you started your business you haven’t had a minutes break and that no matter how hard you work it never seems to be enough?

Help is here… in 10-Steps!
Miss Salon is here to help. We understand your frustrations; we know your business… because we’ve been there. Miss Salon is a salon business consultancy; we specialize in making the most of salons and day spas. You can hire us to help your business or buy this complete 10-Step Action Plan booklet to Kick Start Your Salon Into Profit… fast!

The Kick-Start Your Salon Into Profit booklet, is a 10-Step Action Plan that will get your salon on the road to profit! Arm yourself with these essential tools to ensuring your salon stays in business through these difficult economic times!

ONLY £14.99 and worth every penny!

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Business consulting for existing salons - £40 per hour or project based

We can help you to increase sales and efficiency of your current business by studying your strengths and weaknessess and implementing a plan for change. Including re-training your staff, revisiting your marketing strategy and streamlining your salon operations. Contact us...

New Salons; Business start-up - £40 per hour or project based

We can provide project planning and management for the launch of any kind of salon or nail bar. This is a tailor made service and can include all or part of the following:-

Create a fully researched and detailed Business Plan, including capital expenditure breakdown, cash flow, P&L and
breakeven forecasts.
Seek ideal location and premises for your business and budget.
Plan layout and suggest design for maximum effect and income.
Create brand and marketing plan.
Source, interview, check qualifications and trade test all salon or nail bar staff before putting them forward to be
approved by you, if required.
Fully train all salon or nail bar staff in your salons specific treatments, ensuring the highest standards are met along with a
strong ability to retail products and hit sales targets.
Recommend salaries for each employee.
Source, interview, check qualifications, trade test and train business managers and supervisors, ensuring that they are
fully competent and able to run the salon or nail bar, maintain hygiene standards, keep staff motivated and have all the
necessary tools to hit weekly sales targets.
Create treatment list and processes for each treatment (train all staff on the processes)
Work through the entire customers experience, plan the processes: payment, consultation, booking, prep, salon or nail
bar literature, etc
Source all salon or nail bar products with maximum discounts and best quality.
Source all fixtures, fittings and equipment required to set up and operate the salon or nail bar.
Ensure the business is properly insured and licensed to operate.
Produce a salon Health and Safety policy and procedures manual.
Arrange and organise all other daily salon operations.
Create project time plan; how and when all tasks will be executed.
Run a weekly project management meeting ensuring all decisions are inline with your requirements and provide a weekly
review of the project status to plan and timeline.
Be onsite for all installations and for one month after salon launch.
Provide a complete aftercare service, tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Business mentoring for new salons - £300 per month for your chosen duration

Miss Salon Business Mentoring™
- We can be your business mentors while you plan, launch and manage your salon yourself; providing on-going involvement in your project via the telephone and a limited number of site visits; steering you in the right direction and helping you get your business off the ground. This package is ideal for entrepreneurs starting out in the salon business that just want that extra reassurance that they are moving in the right direction. This package is priced at £300 per month for as long as you need us with a minimum term of 2 months. We will assist you with preparing your business plan and seeking finance; we will assess and comment on your location and premises choice; we will assist you with your shop-design and treatment list; we will help you find and hire the right team for your business; we will be on hand to advice you on how best to run your salon and how best to get customers through your door and coming back for more! Importantly we will save you the time and expense of trial and error and assist you to successfully start your own salon business.

Also available to new salon start-ups is our step-by-step guide to planning, launching and managing your own salon business - Click here to find out more and buy the Open Your Own Salon... The Right Way! handbook (only £45)

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Business documents and manuals - £40 per hour or project based

We can create tailor-made business documents, manuals and proposals. Including:-
Business plans
Marketing plans
Customer marketing communications
Client mail-shots
All promotional material
Salon Operations Manuals
Supplier and Stock lists
Salon financial and operational management tools
Staff training manuals

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How to...
Open Your Own Salon... The Right Way! Handbook - The complete step by step guide £45.00 more info...
Kick-Start Your Salon Into Profit... fast! £14.99 more info...

Money documents
Salon Treatment Pricing Calculator £24.99 more info...
Salon Profit & Loss and Direct Cost Estimator £34.99 more info...
Salon Cash Flow Calculator £15.99 more info...

Health & Safety documents
Salon Health & Safety Policy Template £19.99 more info...
Salon Health & Safety Procedure Template £24.99 more info...
Sample Salon Health & Safety Induction Procedure £9.99 more info...

Staff recruitment and management
Sample Salon Staff Handbook and Contract of Employment £19.99 more info...
Sample Salon Staff Recruitment Interview Questions £4.99 more info...

Planning documents
Sample Salon Business Plan £39.99 more info...
Sample Salon Marketing Plan £39.99 more info...

Complete Salon Start-up and Business Tools Pack I - £170.00 (worth £195.92; save £25.92)
This package includes all of the above Money, Health & Safety and Staff recruitment and management documents
(worth £155.92)
Plus the Open Your Own Salon Handbook - The complete step by step guide (worth £40.00) (e-book)
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Salon Business Tools Pack II - £135 (worth £155.92; save £20.92)
This package includes all of the above Money, Health & Safety and Staff recruitment and management documents
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Salon Business Tools Pack III - £200 (worth £235.90; save £35.90)
This package includes all of the above Money, Health & Safety and Staff recruitment and management documents
(worth £155.92)
Plus the sample Salon Business Plan and Marketing Plan (worth £79.98) Click to buy with PayPal...

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