We're about to launch the best makeup EVVVVERRRRRR!

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Soooo ladies!
We are about to introduce you to the purest mineral makeup! It's just delightful!

Coco | Caramel | Beige

#ParabenFree #NonComodogenic #TestedOnHumans #HandMadeWithLove and Precision... We can't wait to present this luxury makeup range to you. Beautifying and 'healthy'... MSLondon Makeup is nearly ready.

The highest quality mineral foundations rich in zinc and colour pigments. Versatile and easy to manipulate; add a little water for fuller coverage or use loose powder for lighter coverage. Add a couple of lighter and darker shades to create your perfect contour kit... Find your perfect match too from July exclusively at Miss Salon London Morningside & Parkhurst! Instagram @mslondonmakeup

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