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Champagne drinking in the salonsThis past December holiday, was really memorable at the salons. We worked extra hard to make sure our customers had the right nails for the right occasion and we also had loads of fun. 

The gorgeous Minnie Dlamini was booked for a full house of treatments because her December diary was insanely busy. Having Minnie in the salon is always awesome because we get to talk about life and the madness of this town Joburg (but we love it). However, her appointment fell on a day when the Parkhurst salon was expecting a visit from Natasha Bobo, the formulator of the MSLONDON MINERAL MAKEUP and renowed makeup artist Nthato Mashishi. The vibe became electric very quickly. Minnie Dlamini and Nthato Mashishi

Natasha's sharp wit, Nthato's tell-it-like-it-is-nicely-style of honesty and Minnie's sense of humour quickly came together. And Ego, she did what she does, she put up the music... bringing us all together.
The stiletto nails with a nude gelish colour that Maria (nail tech) did on Minnie were simply sophisticated. Love nudes! Her toenails painted, brows threaded and tinted, individual lashes done then to top it all off, makeup. You just couldn't keep Karabo, Nthato or Ego from diving in. Her look; flawless, radiant and as youthful as she is. 
We've had so many magical days in the salon that if all we did was merely tell you about them, you'd never believe us. As I'm sure you've heard "If its not on instagram, it never happened". So a few weeks ago, we decided to photograph random days at the salon. So next time you're in the salon, don't  be surprised if we're taking pics. It just means for one reason or another, it's another magical day. 
There is nothing better than driving home after a pumping day at the salon filled with awesome conversations and magical moments.

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