Those Miss Salon London Guuuurrrls!

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So we had the huge honour of being featured on the C O V E R of Destiny Magazine July 2017 Issue! It was one of the most overwhelming experiences - certainly for me! Azania is already use to these things but I couldn't have imagined such a thing. I have been written about within magazines quite a few times over the years but being the cover-story cover-star is totally different!

Firstly the photoshoot was crazy-amazing-tense (for me!)

Nick Bolton was the photographer - he was brilliant and funny and made us feel at ease - although I was convinced I looked fat in every shot LOL...

Nthato Mashishi was the makeup artist - of course we know Nthato very well as he is a big fan of our MSLONDON Minerals and we've worked with him many times. He #Mineralised us to the God's !!

Saadique was the hair stylist - he's amazingly stylish himself - he sorted our up do's, down do's, big-hair do's and everything in-between!

Sheen wrote our story and interviewed us on the day during the shoot...

Ego Iwegbu Azania Mosaka and Linda Jangulo Destiny Magazine Cover Stars July 2017 Issue

More on this later...
Have to go now and get back to #WERK!
Watch the photo-shoot video on our YouTube Channel

Cheer cheers
Ego xx

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