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Those Miss Salon London Guuuurrrls!

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Ego Iwegbu | 0 comments

So we had the huge honour of being featured on the C O V E R of Destiny Magazine July 2017 Issue! It was one of the most overwhelming experiences - certainly for me! Azania is already use to these things but I couldn't have imagined such a thing. I have been written about within magazines quite a few times over the years but being the cover-story cover-star is totally different!

Firstly the photoshoot was crazy-amazing-tense (for me!)

Nick Bolton was the photographer - he was brilliant and funny and made us feel at ease - although I was convinced I looked fat in every shot LOL...

Nthato Mashishi was the makeup artist - of course we know Nthato very well as he is a big fan of our MSLONDON Minerals and we've worked with him many times. He #Mineralised us to the God's !!

Saadique was the hair stylist - he's amazingly stylish himself - he sorted our up do's, down do's, big-hair do's and everything in-between!

Sheen wrote our story and interviewed us on the day during the shoot...

Ego Iwegbu Azania Mosaka and Linda Jangulo Destiny Magazine Cover Stars July 2017 Issue

More on this later...
Have to go now and get back to #WERK!
Watch the photo-shoot video on our YouTube Channel

Cheer cheers
Ego xx

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Life's too short to wait around for the perfect Valentine...

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Now whilst we are not promising you any kisses we can promise you Champagne, a beautiful environment, great nails and outstanding mineral makeup... plus it'll be fun and much better than wallowing about being single; or worse with that partner that doesn't believe in Valentine's. Where's the romance!!? Ugh... anyway come hang out! We'll be the cool kids. And if you are one of the happy-in-an-awesome-attentive-romantic-relationship ones then even better... we'll get you ready for your romantic evening in or outdoors *wink wink xxx

Sunday 14th February
10am - 2pm
Miss Salon London Morningside RSVP NOW 011 326 5769
Miss Salon London Parkhurst RSVP NOW 011 880 6377
EXCLUSIVE MSL Mineral Makeovers by celebrity artists Nthato Mashishi & Audrey Mofokeng
G.H.Mumm Champagne

Don't miss it! 

VALENTINES fun at the salons

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An unexpected get together...

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Champagne drinking in the salonsThis past December holiday, was really memorable at the salons. We worked extra hard to make sure our customers had the right nails for the right occasion and we also had loads of fun. 

The gorgeous Minnie Dlamini was booked for a full house of treatments because her December diary was insanely busy. Having Minnie in the salon is always awesome because we get to talk about life and the madness of this town Joburg (but we love it). However, her appointment fell on a day when the Parkhurst salon was expecting a visit from Natasha Bobo, the formulator of the MSLONDON MINERAL MAKEUP and renowed makeup artist Nthato Mashishi. The vibe became electric very quickly. Minnie Dlamini and Nthato Mashishi

Natasha's sharp wit, Nthato's tell-it-like-it-is-nicely-style of honesty and Minnie's sense of humour quickly came together. And Ego, she did what she does, she put up the music... bringing us all together.
The stiletto nails with a nude gelish colour that Maria (nail tech) did on Minnie were simply sophisticated. Love nudes! Her toenails painted, brows threaded and tinted, individual lashes done then to top it all off, makeup. You just couldn't keep Karabo, Nthato or Ego from diving in. Her look; flawless, radiant and as youthful as she is. 
We've had so many magical days in the salon that if all we did was merely tell you about them, you'd never believe us. As I'm sure you've heard "If its not on instagram, it never happened". So a few weeks ago, we decided to photograph random days at the salon. So next time you're in the salon, don't  be surprised if we're taking pics. It just means for one reason or another, it's another magical day. 
There is nothing better than driving home after a pumping day at the salon filled with awesome conversations and magical moments.

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The Voice Angola's Epic Pretty Party

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Azania Mosaka, Yola Semedo, Ego Iwegbu

So far the month of January has kept us busy and excited about whats still to come.
Its only the second week of Jan and already our Parkhurst salon has hosted a Pretty Party of continental proportions. The talent search show, The Voice, is coming to SA screens in 3 weeks and there is much anticipation. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when Angolan superstar Yola Semedo, mentor and judge on The Voice Angola, chose to treat the contestants that she is mentoring to a Pretty Party.
And not just any Pretty Party. The entire experience was captured on camera as part of the show. Each mentor was asked to choose a bonding experience for them and the contestants under their guidance and an MSL experience was right up there for Yola.

I was between hairstyles opting to wrap my resting hair while I spent the day preparing for the party in that sweltering heat by sorting out the meal and drink requirements for our guests. And that had to be the day Ego decided to braid her hair sitting in Abina's air-conditioned hair salon when we had one of our regular meetings. The excitement for the pretty party was palpable. Marc, Ego and I were all set to roll. It had to be perfect.

Right on que, the camera crew arrived just before 7pm to prepare for the arrival of Yola and her contestants. She is a beautiful, gracious and generous woman towards everyone around her. She said "I always stay in Sandton whenever I'm in Johannesburg and I never miss a chance to visit Miss Salon London to do my nails". With fans like her, Angola is definitely due a visit. Yola and her group of 6 were treated to our signature manicures and pedicures to get them stage ready for the friday live show which was shot in Joburg. The night had so much flavour and filled with laughter because to communicate we were gesticulating and learning from each other. Our nail technicians can proudly say they picked up a bit of Portuguese.

There wasn't a quiet spot in the entire shop. The glamour pods were just as busy with our charming make up artist, Karabo, in her element. She colour matched and gave the girls a makeover with MSL mineral makeup. By the end of the night they had taken countless selfies with the pouts to match.

The whole MSL team was outstanding.
Good luck to all of them. Thank you Yola. Mcwah!

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Slowly But Surely...

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We opened the Miss Salon London website to the public this morning! It's not 100% ready but we're just too excited to hide it any longer. Most of the relevant information is on and correct, so if you're looking for one of our salons or our price lists, you'll find that here now.

Our Online store will continue to grow... Over the next few weeks we'll be loading more and more of the awesome products we have in the salons for you to purchase wherever you are. Wherever!

For now, enjoy our site and sign up for the newsletter!

Cheers Cheers!


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Miss Salon London Parkhurst Launch Party

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So! We opened our second salon on the 16th July last year and had the most awesome launch party in October. Sponsored by Bacardi South Africa the Mohitos were on tap and our DJ was on fire! Click here to check out all the images from the night... notice how we go from perfect poses in the beginning to ratchetness near the end... *covering my eyes and SMH #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun I guess :)

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Ego Iwegbu-Daley features on the Lionesses Of Africa

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This week Ego Iwegbu-Daley was featured on www.lionessesofafrica.com

The start up story of a serial entrepreneur who has created a unique business in South Africa by elevating the world-class nail bar concept to a luxury girls club.

For the image conscious woman in South Africa, having one’s nails done is a must-have regular experience. Yet, serial entrepreneur Ego Iwegbu-Daley is taking the established concept of the nail and beauty experience to a whole new level in the country. Her Miss Salon London concept has created a unique environment where music, movies, friends, conversation, a glass of wine, and of course incredibly beautiful nails, all combine in the ultimate pampering experience. Ego is a real mover and shaker in the world of nails and beauty, and her brand is one to watch in Africa.

LoA recently caught up with Ego and got to speak with her about her extraordinary entrepreneurial journey... read article

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