MSLONDON Mineral Makeup

HYDRO MINERAL LIPBALMS // Light colour // Super moisture protection // 7 Colours

PINK GOLD // TRUE GOLD // COPPER GOLD // Magic Highlighters // Glow Baby GLOOOOOW! // 3 Shades

MINERAL FOUNDATION POWDERS // Light to Full Natural Coverage // Adapts to  your skin tone giving the perfect match // 12 Shades - BEIGE CARAMEL COCO

MINERAL BLUSH // High Definition Undiluted Pigments // Cheeks of LIFE! // 10 Shades

MSLondon Mineral Cosmetics combines innovative thinking and years of precision formulation to create the world's purest cosmetic products.

“It’s not makeup, it’s minerals!”

Bare Minimal - Pure Minerals
We have isolated a minimal blend of 8 of the finest and most essential crushed minerals needed for makeup coverage - Titanium Dioxide * Zinc Oxide * Iron Oxide * Mica * Magnesium * Kaolin Clay * Ultramarine Blue * Silica - and that’s all. 

Treat Your Skin With The Upmost Respect
MSLondon Minerals offers meticulously blended, high performing foundations, blushers, bronzers, contours and eyeshadows created from naturally occurring essential minerals - excluding chemicals, dyes, talc, fragrances or preservatives found in most cosmetics on the market.

Flawless Coverage - Airbrushed Appearance
The undiluted concentration of essential mineral pigments in our powder foundations means you only need a little product to completely cover any imperfection. The mineral pigments work with your skin's natural oils leaving a flawless, light, second-skin appearance with a weightless feel.

The Soft Glow
By using the perfect balance of Mica - the light-reflecting mineral - in our formulations, our products give your skin a healthy, fresh complexion - rolling back the years with the perfect glow.

Multi Tasking Products
Refine skin texture, cover dark circles, broken capillaries, acne, sun damage, scars, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, effortlessly in one step. One mineral foundation powder multi tasks as Foundation * Concealer * Tone Corrector * Powder all in one.

Good For Your Skin
• Fragrance free
• Non-comedogenic
• Oil free
• Talc free
• No synthetic dyes or chemicals
• No preservatives
• Natural sunscreen - mechanically reflecting light away
• Natural anti-inflammatory - Zinc Oxide is anti inflammatory which is great for sensitive skin, acne or rosacea prone skin, post surgical or chemical peel skin.

Get The Picture
Watch real-life demos and foundation application videos on our YouTube channel. Read customer reviews and see authentic everyday blemished skin transformed by our MINERALS - check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook sites


What Customers Say

Words that customers use to describe the results...
"It's like magic!"
" a totally airbrushed finish"
"Wow, have you been mineralised too? You look totally different"
"It feels like I'm not wearing any makeup"
"My skin is glowing!"
"Wow, I look like I have baby skin"
... yup yup :)


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Miss Salon London, 30 4th Avenue Parkhurst Johannesburg 2193 +27 60 352 3239

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