MSLondon pure mineral pigment Contouring powders are AWESOME for easy, quick everyday contouring. 

Watch our YouTube videos on how to contour in 60 seconds

Contouring has the power to change your whole look... from an all-even foundation face to a subtle tanned-with-cheek-bones-just-off-the-yacht-look! We all want that...

Our Contour Powders differ from Bronzers by the amount of colour they leave; Bronzers are less dense. You can also use your Contour powders as eyeshadows in the crease.

Choose from 3 beautiful Contour shades:
#MLContour1 - suits foundation colours Beige 2, 3, 4 & Caramel 2
#MLContour2 - suits foundation colours Caramel 3, 4 & Coco 1
#MLContour4 - suits foundation colours Coco 2, 4, 6

One of our star products; it is a must for all makeup users!

“I contour without fail everyday... I don't do that complicated stuff, I just dust the contour powder under my cheeks bones, up to my temples, into the hairline, round my forehead. Done!”